The hosts at Fox News Sunday interview Krista Keating-Joseph on Mother's Day 2019 to talk about Charlie Keating and the new children's coloring book that keeps his spirit alive.

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Thanks to Fox News Sunday and the opportunity to talk about my son Charlie and our new book honoring him: Big-Hearted Charlie Learns How to Make Friends.


Book 1 : Royal Palm Literary Award Winner


 This book is based on a true story about a little boy who joins a track team and works hard to overcome his small size as he runs against boys who are much bigger. At first, he never wins a race. But Charlie doesn't give up, and his hard work pays off. He becomes a champion on the track and later a true hero in real life as a U.S. Navy SEAL. 

Book 2


 Experience Charlie's fun adventures growing up. Whether it is running up mountains, exploring caves or even learning to fly, Charlie perseveres. His positive attitude and determination help him accomplish many of his goals. Ultimately leading to him becoming a Navy SEAL. 

BOOK 3 IS A TRUE STORY ABOUT HOW CHARLIE WOULD MAKE FRIENDS.   Simply put "He would make friends by being a friend".  He did this as a child and as an adult all over the world!



About the Author

 Krista Keating-Joseph is a Gold Star Mom and a track and field coach.  Big-hearted Charlie is a story about her son, Charles Keating IV, who grew up to become a competitive runner in college, and later, a heroic Navy SEAL. 

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About the Illustrator

 Phyllis Holmes is Charlie's Grandmother. She is an award winning artist from Phoenix, Arizona. 

Big Hearted Charlie

Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV

February 26th 1985 - May 3rd 2016 

In the Press

Royal Palms Literary Award Winner


Big Hearted Charlie Runs the Mile recently won the 2017 RPLA in October (1st place for best childrens picture book)

The Coronado Times


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Listen to the author's podcast regarding Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV 

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Fox News


Watch the Fox & Friend's piece about the book.

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About Big-Hearted Charlie Never Gives Up (Book 2)


Here's the reason behind the author wrote a second book with Charlie's real life quotes included.

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